Whichever service you receive from us we always remember that we are a guest in your home

Assessing Your Needs

One of our Management team will meet with you at home before we start to provide support to you.

We will need to ask questions about any health conditions that you have and any medication that you take. We will also ask you how you like things to be done, whether you have any favourite foods or particular dislikes. This is so that our care team are prepared and knowledgeable before they start to visit you.

We will also review any risks within the home and in the nature of the proposed care service. We might make suggestions at this point as to how risks can be minimised.

Creating your Care Plan

We will then work with you, and your family and other agencies if appropriate, to develop a Person Centred Care Plan which will take in to account your needs, your choices and your planned outcomes.

With your consent we may need at this stage to contact your GP for an up to date medication list, or to speak with other healthcare professionals should you need any equipment.

Commencement of your Care and Visiting your Home

We always remember that we are a guest in your home.

Even if we have access to your house keys via a key safe our staff will always knock first so that you know they are coming in.

You may feel nervous about having carers for the first time.  This is entirely understandable.  Our carers are well trained professionals who will take the time with you during their first few visits to understand how you like things done, and where things are in your home that they will be using in order to provide your care.

Our care team feed back to us if changes are required to the visit tasks that we have set up.  We can make those changes quickly and feed them through to the other members of your care team.

Consent to Care

Consent is an integral part of the care we provide.

Our staff will routinely ask for people’s consent on a day-to-day basis before giving assistance, and seek a response. If people decline our staff are respectful and return to try this task later where practical.

Our staff support people to make decisions by using various communication methods (e.g. using prompts such as pictures and large print) as consent may be implied through non-verbal communication.

Management of Your Care

Our care staff are constantly reviewing your care to ensure that the care plan meets your needs.  People’s needs often fluctuate and our service is designed to respond to changes quickly.

If relevant to your care and with your consent we speak with GPs, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Swallowing Nurses, Dieticians, Tissue Viability Nurses and so on.  We believe that people receive the best support when health and social care providers share information and work together to give you the best outcomes.

We welcome your comments, complaints, concerns and compliments at any time.  It is our overriding objective that compliments outweigh complaints.  We will also ask for your support with our quality monitoring and send you a questionnaire about our service each year.

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