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  • Why Use a Care Agency to deliver your care?

    Our aim is to take away any concerns or worries you have about your own care, or that of a friend or relative.
    We employ all of our PAs/Carers so you don’t need to worry about the legal responsibilities of being an employer.

    We are experienced at matching PAs/Care Workers with our Clients’ requirements, likes and dislikes. We will arrange a small team of PAs to provide your support so that you will always know the person who is visiting you regardless of staff holidays or sickness.

    Where necessary we will link with other professionals involved in your care to ensure that you have the right equipment in place, that your medication is ordered regularly, we can book District Nurses or GPs to visit you if required, and we can support you to attend any medical appointments.

  • What is a Care Plan?

    A Care Plan documents the care that has been agreed by you and us to meet your needs. Our PAs/Carers will follow this document each time they visit you.

  • Can my Care Plan change as my needs change?

    Yes. We will monitor your Care Plan carefully over the first 4-6 weeks and agree any changes that you or we think are needed. We will review your Care Plan at least annually. Our Person Centred approach means that we are continually listening to you and learning about what is important to you so your Care Plan can be changed at any time you wish.

  • What is a Risk Assessment?

    A risk assessment is a combination of documents that we go through when we visit you at your home to discuss your care needs. It helps us to ascertain your needs and wants; what is documented in the risk assessment becomes your Care Plan. The risk assessment is completed to minimise any risk for you by documenting the safest way to complete tasks in your Care Plan. The risk assessment document also allows us to check that your home will be a safe working environment for our care staff. It will also allow us to make referrals to relevant Health professionals should this be required. You will be given a copy of the risk assessment that we complete.