Nails and Feet Care Service

Why is nail cutting important?
Our nails are constantly growing, in fact, it takes a little over 12 months for your toenails to completely regrow, so they can become very long and break leaving sharp edges that can tear the skin and lead to pain and infection.
Healthy, comfortable feet are essential, toenails can be a real nuisance when you’re not
always able to cut them on your own and long toenails can cause difficulty in walking which may result in falls.

Our service is designed for people who for whatever reason aren’t able to manage this for themselves.

A small group of our domiciliary home care team have been professionally trained and are ready to help you maintain healthy feet, hands and nails in the comfort of your own home.

Our service is open to everyone regardless of whether you receive other care services from us.

Our professional nail service is much more than basic nail cutting as it includes:

- Soaking
- Clipping and cuticle work
- Filing, shaping and buffing
- Exfoliating and hard skin removal
- Skin and nail moisturising
- Relaxing hand/foot massage

This is a private chargeable service so if your care is funded by the Local Authority please
note that you will be invoiced directly for this Nail and Feet Care service by Spring Care.

Exceptions from using our nail-cutting service

You may not be eligible to access these services or may require a more specialised service from a podiatrist/chiropodist if you have diabetes or are taking certain medications such as warfarin or other blood thinners, if you have circulatory problems, and if your nails are too thick to be cut with nail clippers.

We are providing a non-medical service and it should not replace any specialist care that you receive from a podiatrist.

Our Charges

Hands £24                            Feet £30                   Hands and Feet £50