Why Use a Care Agency to deliver your care?
Our aim is to take away any concerns or worries you have about your own care, or that of a friend or relative.

We employ all of our PAs/Carers so you don’t need to worry about the legal responsibilities of being an employer.

We are experienced at matching PAs/Care Workers with our Clients’ requirements, likes and dislikes. We will arrange a small team of PAs to provide your support so that you will always know the person who is visiting you regardless of staff holidays or sickness.

Where necessary we will link with other professionals involved in your care to ensure that you have the right equipment in place, that your medication is ordered regularly, we can book District Nurses or GPs to visit you if required, and we can support you to attend any medical appointments.

What is a Care Plan?
A Care Plan documents the care that has been agreed by you and us to meet your needs. Our PAs/Carers will follow this document each time they visit you.
Can my Care Plan change as my needs change?
Yes. We will monitor your Care Plan carefully over the first 4-6 weeks and agree any changes that you or we think are needed. We will review your Care Plan at least annually. Our Person Centred approach means that we are continually listening to you and learning about what is important to you so your Care Plan can be changed at any time you wish.
What is a Risk Assessment?
A risk assessment is a combination of documents that we go through when we visit you at your home to discuss your care needs. It helps us to ascertain your needs and wants; what is documented in the risk assessment becomes your Care Plan. The risk assessment is completed to minimise any risk for you by documenting the safest way to complete tasks in your Care Plan. The risk assessment document also allows us to check that your home will be a safe working environment for our care staff. It will also allow us to make referrals to relevant Health professionals should this be required. You will be given a copy of the risk assessment that we complete.
What’s the difference between a Personal Assistant and a Care Worker?
In the industry a Care Worker would usually deliver personal care to you and often you wouldn’t know who would be coming to your home on each visit. A Personal Assistant might carry out other tasks for you (see below) and would often be the same person. At Spring Care PAs we try not to differentiate between PAs and Care Workers – to us, all of our staff are trained to be able to provide a full range of services and we work hard to ensure that you have continuity of service each day and know that where possible the same PA will be visiting you.
What services does a Personal Assistant carry out?
A Personal Assistant can take you on social outings; can help you with your household bills and other correspondence; collect medication for you; provide companionship – there are many tasks that your PA can do.
Will my Personal Assistant be able to drive?
Most of our PA/Care Workers are drivers with their own cars. We do employ a small number of walking Care Workers. If your care plan includes taking you out shopping or to social or medical visits we will always match you with a PA/Care Worker that drives. All of our drivers have Business Insurance.
Can I choose who my Personal Assistant is?
We will always try to introduce you to your PA/Care Worker first. Where your care package requires multiple daily visits you will have a team of PA/Care Workers, should you not feel comfortable with any of the team please let us know and we can remove them from your visit schedule.
I don’t need Personal Care, but I would like someone to do my shopping and clean my house, is that a service you can provide?
Yes. We can provide those services to anyone.
What training will my Personal Assistant/Care Worker have had?
All of our PAs/Carers are fully trained in a minimum of 12 relevant course subjects including the Common Induction Standards. We also give additional training which might be specific to your needs if necessary. In addition we encourage and support our team to achieve recognised NVQ / QCF qualifications.
What security checks will have been carried out on my Personal Assistant/Care Worker?
All offers of employment made by us are subject to a satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check (DBS). No one will come to your home without an Enhanced DBS check having been completed.

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) have merged to form the Disclosure & Barring Service.

The Enhanced check is the highest level of check available to anyone involved in regularly caring for or being in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults.

Do you employ your Personal Assistants / Care Workers?
Yes we do, we are responsible for their tax and National Insurance contributions. We pay holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay and provide them with other benefits such as a Workplace Pension.
What are Direct Payments?
The Direct Payments scheme is a UK Government initiative in the field of Social Services that gives users money directly to pay for their own care, rather than the traditional route of a Local Government Authority providing care for them. The Cabinet Office Strategy Unit calls direct payments “the most successful public policy in the area of social care”.

Direct Payments are seen as making an important contribution to the independence, wellbeing and quality of life of people with disabilities.

People are free to mix direct payments for some of their needs with traditional methods of care provision. Direct Payments can be used to directly employ a personal assistant (in this case the Direct Payments recipient may legally be classed as an employer with all the responsibilities this entails under UK law) or hire care workers from a private domiciliary care agency.

Can I add funds to my Direct Payments?
Yes. If you are in receipt of direct payments, a personal budget or a personal health budget, the cost of the care services you request may exceed the funding you receive from your local council or NHS Trust. In the event that there is a shortfall between the cost of the services we provide and the money you receive from your direct payment, personal budget or personal health budget, you are responsible for meeting these additional costs.
When do you invoice / how often do I pay you?
We invoice either Weekly in Arrears or 4 Weekly in Arrears (depending upon the size of the care package). We can accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer, unfortunately we do not have a direct debit facility or arrangement to accept payment by debit card. If your care is funded we will invoice the funder directly.
My care is funded by Social Services; can I use your agency to provide that care?
Yes. We can speak to Social Services on your behalf, or you can contact your Social Worker if you have one and ask to have your provider changed to Spring Care.
Who do I call to talk through my options?
Please call us during office hours to have a discussion about your needs and whether we are able to meet those needs. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Have a question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – visit the contact page.